Today I typed on Google…

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About this blog February 27, 2007

Today I typed on Google is an amenity that two people wanted to share with you. We often use the omnipotent Google search engine to get almost anything that can be known, and sometimes he provides us quiet interesting results, that we thought you might be interested in as well.

If you happen to have any idea for a new search drop us an email.



sirio & phate




Federico Pistono

phate eye He’s really into the Web 2.0 movement. He’s currently working on a bunch of project related with blogs and Web 2.0 communities. He wishes to work for Google, someday. And to be an independent cinema director. And to discover the answer to life the universe and everything.





Sirio Marchi

phate eyeHe’s new about Web 2.0. The man above showed him this world and made Sirio feel crazy about it. This is Sirio’s first blog experience. He will be a rock star and he wishes to work for Google, too.


One Response to “About this blog”

  1. chirax Says:

    Guys this is really great.

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