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… what is the population of kazakhstan? February 28, 2007

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the population of kazakhstan

Borat‘s homland


… the answer to life the universe and everything

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42. Of course.


… 5th Avenue, New York

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5th Avenue, New York

I wanted to locate a friend who was walking in the Big Apple last week.


… “hello” in Italian February 27, 2007

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the most popular word!

Just a funny search for the blog. Hello to everyone.


… 50Mb/8Kb

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How Many posts I could Write

I wanted to know how many posts I could write using the 50Mb wordpress freely provides me, uploading a screenshot of ~8Kb every time.

Nice. 🙂


… 0x317 in decimal

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Hex conversion

A friend of mine asked me the vga resolution to put on the menu.lst on /etc/grub, in about five seconds I was able to give him an answer.